The Royal Caterer

Every event is a project that is meticulously prepared by our team of experienced chefs and staff. We work according to our clients’ preference; always entertaining their ideas and helping them select the right materials and details for the reception styling. It is our goal to deliver not only the finest food but to also achieve the best possible function arrangements for our clients. 



Get to Know the Royal Caterer

Chef Boy Logro started working at the age of 13 as a houseboy in downtown Quiapo area, cleaning rooms and hallways of a three storey building. A year later he got a job preparing siopao for a Chinese Restaurant. While kneading dough for the siopao, he learned the secrets of Asian cooking by observing the chef and his assistant.

After that, he started working in different restaurants where he learned how to cook European dishes, until he left the country to work as a Sous Chef at Sultan Qabass Bin Said’s palace in Oman. He tried his best to get along well with foreign chefs, especially with Egyptians. He then learned how to speak Arabic and continued to like his job as a Chef. The Sultan liked him a lot and appointed him to be the Head Chef. He accompanied his Majesty on international trips, where he was exposed to different cuisines such as Spanish, French, English and Turkish.

After eight years of working abroad, Chef Boy went back to the Philippines and joined Manila Diamond Hotel in 1992 as one of the Sous Chefs and was promoted as Executive Chef after three years. He was the very first Filipino Chef to earn such distinction in a five-star deluxe hotel in the Philippines.

Despite all his local and international accomplishments, Chef Boy Logro remained humble. His life inspired so many people and Chef Boy never stops being an inspiration to others especially to the less fortunate who also wanted to make a name for themselves.

With his aspiration to share his skills and knowledge in cooking, he then opened his first culinary school in Cavite (Chef Logro Institute of Culinary and Kitchen Services), where he discovered his potential in teaching. As a mentor to his students, he shaped them to cook with love and dedication.

Years later, Chef Boy decided to bring cooking near the hearts of Manileños - he then opened the Manila Culinary and Hospitality Academy in San Juan City.

A year later, Chef Boy Logro together with his business partner decided to expand their business and open his first Catering Service in Manila – The THE ROYAL CATERER, to share not only his expertise in cooking but also to offer his delicate food to the market.



The Royal Caterer offers Catering Services for special occasions and events such as,

  • Weddings
  • Debuts
  • Corporate Events
  • Birthdays
  • Christmas Parties
  • Cocktail Parties
  • Baptismal
  • Seminars